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About our Roller Shutters

Our window roller shutters are all Australian made, giving you the highest quality materials and the best suited product to our harsh climatic conditions, while at the same time adding security, comfort and value to your home.

The cost of heating and cooling our homes are constantly rising, protecting your windows with our fully insulated aluminium roller shutters will give you an environmentally friendly way of drastically reducing the cost.

Building and installing our own roller shutters means that we can provide you with a fast, clean and courteous service at factory direct prices.
You can choose between manual or motorised mechanisms to control the amount of light, heat and cold coming through your windows.

Quality Roller Shutters Made To Measure

How the roller shutters are manufactured

Our slats are roll formed aluminium, filled with polyurethane foam to form a 9mm thick insulated barrier to protect your windows from weather, burglar attack and noise.

All slats are perforated allowing you to control the amount of light and air flowing into your home.

Slats are available in 11 different colours.  We now have 2 new colours!!*

White, Sand, Cream, Red, Brown, Beige, Green, Black, Woodland Grey*, Deep Ocean Blue* (*new colours!) & Grey

White   Sand, Cream   Red, Brown   Beige, Green   Black, Woodland Grey   Deep Ocean Blue, Grey

The Roller Shutter Factory uses only the highest quality aluminium in its boxes, tracks and axles ensuring you piece of mind in the performance and longevity of your roller shutters.


How they work……

All shutters are operated from inside your home, saving you the effort and trouble of operating outside blinds. There are two methods of operation, motorised 240 volt and motorised 12 volt battery powered.

Roller Shutter 240v Motor available in Mornington.  Our Australian made motors are fitted directly into the axle and simply operated with the turn of a switch or the push of a remote control.  All electrical work is carried out by our A Grade electrician.
240 Volt Motor and Remote Control

240 Volt Motor and Remote Control

The 12 volt motorisation system is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, ensuring trouble free operation without being reliant on mains power.
12 Volt Motors and Controllers

12 Volt Motors and Controllers